Polished Concrete Floors

Durable. Faster. Solutions.

We are equipped with state of the art polished concrete equipment. Cement Shine is staffed with quality industry concrete services technicians. The Cement Shine team has been lead by the same ownership since conception.

Our Polished Concrete Houston installers are trained on the Cement Shine polishing process. This is to ensure a professional high gloss and top-grade results.

Cement Shine installed over 21 million square feet of concrete floors surface. We have the experience needed to get the job done right. Each concrete slab has its unique challenges.

We have zero recordable injuries for concrete polishing Houston.

Cement Shine has a 99% project completion ratio of being on schedule. We have years of production data to create realistic schedules that usually outpace the allotted schedule.

Above all, polished flooring offers lower maintenance costs.

Cement Shine improves light reflectivity. In high traffic areas, we believe a concrete surface is better than any other floor covering solution.

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Concrete Polishing Houston

Expertise. Precision. Shine.

We are a professional commercial concrete flooring contractor. We can handle your large commercial projects and small to medium sized retail ones too.

From beginning to end, we strive to provide you with accountable communication. First, we are aware of our customers’ constraints. This is because we have completed so many projects.

Secondly, many times we know what concerns our customers have before they do. Cement shine makes it a point to be an advocate for the best interest and goals of our clients.

We strive to have the best quality and speed for concrete flooring solutions available in today’s Houston market. We create value which makes our service cost-effective.

  • Professional Results
  • Safety is a priority (Hazard planning)
  • Quality Materials
  • Design Consultations
  • On-Time From Start to Completion
  • Fast Turn-Around Times
  • Excellent Communication
  • Experienced team
  • Organized staff

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Stained Concrete Floors

Beautiful. Creative. Dyes.

We have been staining concrete floors since our inception in 2006.

Cement Shine enjoys taking on creative projects that really transform the existing concrete look and feel of a facility.

Above all, we offer an array of color choices and designs to make your floor one of a kind. Or we can just follow what is specified.

No Water-based stains. Acid stain alternatives. Decorative concrete flooring options. Stained Concrete and concrete flooring systems.

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Epoxy Flooring

Seemless. Professional. Installations.

When it comes to epoxy flooring, you want to ensure that commercial grade materials are used.

You want the technician installing the concrete floor coating to have a lifetime of experience.

Laying a smooth and bubble-free finish is not an easy task. Floor flatness is critical for success.

But rest assured that with us it’s not our first rodeo.

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Epoxy Flooring Houston

Commercial Concrete Floors

We are equipped to handle large polished concrete projects.

Commercial projects include:

  • warehouses, machine shops, factories, loading docks, and airplane hangars
  • Office spaces, hospitals, shopping malls, and food processing plants
  • universities/schools, parking garages, manufacturing facilities, oil refineries
  • commercial kitchens, and automotive shops

Cement shine has extensive experience with epoxy flooring in the above environments. See our work here.

Concrete Floors Retail & Office

Retail projects are our specialty! In other words, if you are starting a new business and remodeling, we are ready to install your polished concrete.

Past retail projects include:

  • restaurants and grocery stores
  • pet stores, dog kennels, and clothing boutiques
  • ice cream shops, and showrooms.

See our work here.

Our quality materials & tooling is a huge competitive advantage

Over the years we have developed our own line of concrete products and processes that outperform their industry standard counterparts.

We believe that protecting your floors protects our reputation.  We want your floor to be a showpiece for generations.

Frequently asked questions

What is polished concrete?

Polished Concrete is concrete that has been mechanically refined by grinding, honing then polishing with metal bonded diamond abrasives and resin bonded tools. The technology is like granite countertop polishing or terrazzo. Gloss is achieved through refinement using different grit levels rather than film-based sealers or flooring materials.

Can old concrete be polished?

Yes, but the results can vary based on the condition of the concrete. Old slabs are great. Some may be highly damaged but can be polished. People like the industrial look of highly distressed concrete, others don't. New slabs can also be challenging. There are guidelines for slabs design mix and placement. There factors that may predict a better candidate for polished cement flooring. Harder Concrete is denser and may shine better. Many engineers will specify floors to be polished a minimum 3500 PSI. Homes may be 2000-2500 PSI. This doesn’t mean they cannot be polished. Avoiding a high ratio of Fly ash or other additives or it may hinder polished results Inconsistent troweling or screeding methods may make polished floors wavy or Inconsistent tones Some Air entrained or lightweight concrete cannot be polished.

Is polished concrete slippery?

Polished Concrete is not slippery for interior environments. It has passed all tests required by the American National Standard for slip resistance. Coefficient of friction is what determines surface “slipperiness.” Slip resistance is commonly measured using a pendulum test or a Tribometer. These tests emulate the foot traffic of a shoe sole dragging against the floor.

Are concrete floors cheaper?

Sometimes polished concrete can be the cheaper flooring solution. Factors that would determine the price would include: Square footage, floor conditions, mastic or flooring removals, high ratio of edgework to the field, type of concrete flooring solution. At worse, concrete floors are as much as any other quality and durable flooring system. Depending on the factors concrete floors cost can range from $2-8 per square foot.

Does polished concrete scratch?

When compared to other quality flooring systems, concrete floors sometimes have higher abrasive resistance. Polished concrete is densified or hardened which make the concrete denser than a normal slab. One factor outside of the polishing installers control is the design mix of the concrete. (water/cement ratio...) Generally, low less cement equals “softer concrete”

Polished Concrete

guidelines for slabs design mix and placement


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Concrete Polishing Houston

Concrete Polishing Houston installs commercial, retail, and industrial and office concreate floors.

Cement Shine offers floor polishing services in the greater Houston, TX area.

Some cities include the Woodlands, Tomball, Sugar Land, Katy / Cinco Ranch, Spring, Humble, Pasadena, Pearland, Baytown, and La Port.

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